Thomas Edison: The Best Electrician In Michigan And The World

Filmmakers from Hollywood and independent films have portrayed legendary innovator and electrician Thomas Edison in many different ways. Films have shown him as an inspiration for the youth with his many achievements in the first two decades of his life. Media had also shown his dark side in trying to eradicate the influence of his long-time rival, Nikola Tesla.

Regardless of the controversy and views towards the ethics and attitude of Thomas Edison, he is a great innovator who contributed to America’s rich technological history, and to the modern world from the 19th century and beyond.

Thomas Edison Portrait

Not The Brightest Apple

Thomas Edison was born in Milan, Ohio, before later moving into Port Huron, Michigan with his family. He suffered from scarlet fever, which led to his hearing difficulties.

He lived most of his young adult life in Michigan and attended 12 weeks of public school. Due to his hearing problem, the legendary inventor had attention-deficit disorder, which had the public school teacher frequently reprimand Edison and leading to his home schooling.

Early Interested In Business And Industry

Thomas Edison grew up in a low-income family who could only afford to provide him his necessities, such as shelter, food, water, and family. His mother educated him with books and subjects during those days, and to the delight of his family, he showed aptitude in learning.

His home schooling had helped improve his train of thought and concentration further, allowing him to be independent in his future studies and observations.

He became a newspaper publisher by 12 years old and used an abandoned train baggage car for creating his first experiments, which led to the company banishing him from the railroad, but he continued to publish his newspapers and learned to operate a telegraph, which resulted in his first curiosity with electric inventions and appliances.

Successful At A Young Age

From Michigan, Edison worked for the Associated Press, having had a background in publishing and printing news. His open-minded approach to subjects, untainted by public education and improved by self-education, allowed him to inquire and satisfy his interest without any self-restrictions.

Thomas Edison Sitting On A Chair

One of his first inventions was an electronic voting recorder for the Western Union Company that would tally votes fast and smoothly.

Heading to New York, the young inventor applied the principles of his voting system to synchronize several stock ticker transactions immediately. He replaced the current stock ticker with the Universal Stock Printer in 1869, which saw him receive $40,000 for the patent, all at 22 years old.

Owned The World’s First Electric Company

The Edison Illuminating Company showed the capability of the inventor as a legendary electrician. Many of his contemporaries have invented their version of bulbs and lamps. Edison’s world-renowned light bulb is one of them.

However, supplying electricity to power multiple light bulbs and lamps at a time was the challenge towards electrical innovators.

Edison built the Edison Illuminating Company to different cities across America, and soon the world, which came to know the Edison Illuminating Company as the General Electric Corporation by 1881.

Not A Perfect Man, But A Great Legendary Electrician

It is true that Edison had used many cruel and unethical ways to gain some of his successes. For example, his rivalry with Nikola Tesla to encourage the use of direct current electricity (DC) had him use animals to show the adverse effects of Tesla’s alternative current (AC).

Edison was a legendary electrician and inventor in his right, and his inventions and contributions to the world’s technological history are unmatched.