Bringing Back the Inspiration and Fantastical Journeys of Electricity

Michigan has a history that is closely in-touch with technology and electricity. From Michigan came Thomas Edison, the founder of General Electronics and one of the most prominent electricians who modernized technology.

Today, electrical service is less glamorous. It is now a blue-collar occupation that is both rewarding and exciting. Simple fixes using a simple soldering iron will reward one with fixed or souped-up transformers, appliances and home circuits. An understanding of an electrician’s schematic helps learners figure out common household problems.

Michigan Historyed intends to brings back the inspiration and fantastical journeys of electricity. From the days of primitive electric street lights in the 1800s to ideas and innovative perspectives introduced by a mining university that becomes a springboard for electrical engineers, this website chronicles as it excites the history of Michigan and its contribution to technology and the world